Projects ANP - MOI Complex Female Police Town Phase II

 Project Number: W5J9JE18C0008
 Type: Vertical Construction and Horizontal Construction
 Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
 Project Owner's Name: USACE - Transatlantic Afghanistan District
 Project Starting Date: August 27, 2018
 Initial Contract Price: USD $ 27M
 Number of Buildings: 6
 Total Built-up Area: Visitor Control Center - 218 m2, Guard Shack - 12 m2, Family Housing Building - 4,858 m2 x 2 Bldg. Primary School - 5,266 m2, Day Care Center - 2,465 m2
 Project Type : Design & Build - US Government Project
 Status: On-Going

Narrative on Experience

The project is a Design-Build of a new Female Police Town (FPT) - Phase 2 for the Afghan National Police (ANP) in Kabul District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. The project is defined as the design, material, labour, and equipment to construct two Family housing Buildings, one visitor control centre, one guard shack, one primary school, one day-care centre. The scope also includes perimeter walls, parking, roads, and utilities (water, electrical distribution, communications, and sewage holding tanks/sewer lines) for the Phase 2 area.

To execute the project, MVL conducted a site survey, geotechnical investigation, UXO site clearing, and site improvement such as site grading, erosion control, roads, parking, sidewalks, and force protection. It also includes utilities such as water distribution system, sanitary collection system, overhead/underground MV primary and secondary distribution system, site communication system.

Highly Relevant Scope:

  • Visitor Control Center
  • Entry Control Point
  • Guard Shack
  • Family Housing Building
  • Primary School
  • Day Care Center
  • Site Grading and Storm Drainage
  • Road and Walkway
  • Street lights
  • Parking
  • Force Protection
  • Electricity
  • Communication
  • Sewer
  • Water
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